Air Accessories

Air Accessories

air dryer
ALUP Refrigerant Air Dryer

Refrigerant dryer protects compressed air distribution from corrosion, resulting leakage and used for removing water vapour from compressed air.

  • Low Dew Point
  • Improved air quality
  • Simple operation of refrigerant dryers
  • Cost-effective solution
desiccant air dryer
Adsorption Desiccant dryers

Desiccant dryers can achieve dew points of down to -40°C/-40°F and -70°C/-100°F.

  • Increase of compressed air quality and productivity
  • Cost savings
  • Quick and easy installation of adsorption dryers
  • Dew point level control
oil water separator
Oil Water Separator
  • Universal system
  • Cost savings
  • Oil separations protect the environment
air tank
Air Receiver Tank

A compressed air tank or 'carry tank' is a great inexpensive tool that allows to have portable compressed air ready at any time

duty standby control
Duty/Standby Controller Box

Duty/Standby Controller that enables equal workload sharing between two devices through schedule auto duty changeovers while continually monitoring the primary/duty device.

  1. Device is detected to have tripped, the standby device will automatically commanded to take over.
  2. Last Duty Memory
    (maintained even during power loss)
  3. Emergency Stop

Should you need any additional feature for multi units do not hesitate to contact us. You name it we do it.

compressor filter element
Filter Line Element & Spare Parts
  • Air filters for improved quality of compressed air
  • Faulty/Broken air compressor parts to be replaced

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